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The Wholesome Effect

Providing support and real-life strategies for children and parents

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Kristy Byrnes

Kristy Byrnes is a qualified natural health practitioner. With a BHSc Nutrition & Dietetic medicine, AdvDip. Homeopathy and an accredited G.E.M.M practitioner. She specialises in children and adolescent health and wellbeing, with a particular interest in neurodevelopmental issues, including ASD, ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, OCD, and ‘high spirited' children. Kristy not only provides clinical wisdom, but also unique perspective from real-life personal experiences with neurodiversity. She is a strong advocate for children’s health, wellbeing, and inclusivity.  

Kristy personally understands the daily household challenges, big emotions, loneliness, and social judgements that can occur. She understands the disappointment over the lack of actual real support or effective strategies along the tiresome path towards answers and solutions. Kristy's hands on experience collaborating with schools and educators is invaluable in supporting other families. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, as each child and family dynamic are unique, which is why she operates from a very personal and holistic approach. 

The Wholesome Effect

Restoring balance and happiness to your families household

The Wholesome Effect

Holistic Health Services


Clinical Nutrition


Pathology testing & analysis

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Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation

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Lifestyle & Wellness

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Community Events & Workshops

The Wholesome Effect

Empowering children and parents to make healthy wholesome choices


Get to Know Us

The Wholesome Effect

There has been an epidemic rise in childhood neurodevelopmental disorders. One in every 4-5 children born today will have a diagnosed behavior or learning disability before the age of eight.  The rapid increase has been declared a major health threat.  ASD is increasing at a skyrocketing rate and ADHD is now the most common childhood health problem of any kind worldwide, negatively impacting upon their social, school and home environments.

Nuerobehavioural/developmental conditions are complex and multi-factorial. The wholesome effect thoroughly investigates each individual case to find the root underlying cause/s,  sustaining factors and susceptibilities. Unique

tools and strategies are provided to simplify treatment plans and improve children compliance. The Wholesome Effect goal is to nourish and support our children to be their happiest and healthiest amazing selves. 

The Wholesome Effect adopts a unique personal approach providing one-on-one in-person support from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Recognising the impact on parents, carers and the entire family, The Wholesome Effects also offers custom-built programs to support your entire household. Programs are adapted to fit in with your family's dynamic and lifestyle and only deliver content and resources relevant to your family's actual needs.

All children and families are welcome 

A diagnosis is not required

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The Wholesome Effect

Your Health is your Greatest Investment


Get to know us

Clinical Nutritionist

  • Degree Qualified with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition & Dietetic Medicine

  • Integrates Scientific Evidence-Based & Traditional Medicine Practices. 

  • Can Order, Interpret and Analyse Pathology and Functional lab tests.

  • Can Prescribe and Supply Nutritional supplements, including Prescription only Nutritional formulations.

  • Conduct Therapeutic Consultations and Holistic assessments according to your Physical, Emotional and Mental symptoms

  • Formulate & Dispense Personalised Compounded Nutritional Formulations

  • Apply Therapeutic diets and protocols 

  • Provide Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations according to your Health State and Health Requirements

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The Wholesome Effect

Simple and effective solutions for the entire family


Work with us

Wholesome Packages & Programs

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Standard Consultations 

Standard initial and follow up in-person appointments to treat and support the health needs and goals of the individual. Complete holistic assessment, analysis and treatment which incorporates any and all services of the wholesome effect that are required and requested 


Wholesome Me Packages

Offers the individual multiple in-person appointments. The Wholesome Me health investment is designed to ensure ongoing commitment, support and treatment progress for optimal health and wellness success. 

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Homeopathy First Aid & Acute Prescribing

Short in-person, zoom, or phone consults for those emergency first aid situations or acute illnesses. Homeopathic prescriptions and natural remedies are provided. Homeopathic remedies are safe, gentle and effective for all ages. They are easily taken by children with their very mild taste


Wholesome Family Foundation Programs

The Wholesome Foundations is a 12 week holistic diet and lifestyle program providing the fundamental health information tailored for your family.  Incorporating personalised strategies for simple effective changes for long-lasting positive health and wellbeing benefits for the entire family. 

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Wholesome Me Foundation Program

The Wholesome Foundations is a 12 week holistic diet and lifestyle program providing the fundamental health information tailored to the individual.  Incorporating personalised strategies and simple effective changes for long-lasting positive health and wellbeing benefits.


Restorative Gut Health Programs 

(Individual and Family)

The Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation (G.E.M.M)  protocol is an effective gut-immune restorative protocol, designed by Christine Houghton PhD. Utilising evidence-based nutraceutical and functional food formulations with potent nutrigenomic activity and multi-system application. Benefits include optimised detoxification, immune system regulation, gut-brain balance, gut repair, digestive health and improved mental wellbeing. Program includes wholesome dietary and lifestyle guidelines.

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Parent and Caregiver Community Events

Regular fortnightly peer support event for the parents and carers of children with any type of disability, extra needs or behavioral challenges.

Meet ups include morning tea and coffee in a supportive and all-inclusive space, with varying guest speakers, workshops, or restorative therapy each fortnight.

Upcoming additional service includes free child minding 

The Wholesome Effect

Harnessing your bodies natural ability to heal


MON, TUES, THURS  9:00 - 17:30 

WED & FRIDAY 9:00 - 14:30




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Gut repair &

Digestive Wellness

Children and Family Health

Nutritious Cooking & Simple meals

Emotional & Mental




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