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The Wholesome Effect

My custom-built packages offer simple effective solutions to change the lives of you and your family

Wholesome Me


What's included

3x In-person consultations

30mins phone support

This package is wonderful for an individual to get focused personalised health care and support. The 6mth validity ensures greater health motivation and compliance for optimal health and wellness outcomes. 

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Wholesome Family Foundations
12 week Program


What's included

6x In-person consultations

Ongoing email/phone communication support

Ongoing customised fortnightly diet and lifestyle resources and worksheets

Personalised Family Food & Diet Plan

Personalised Family Lifestyle guide

VIP access to all the wholesome effect products, workshops and events

All access to The Wholesome Community group

This is the best value package catering to the entire family. Every fortnight I come to your house to deliver and implement a module of the foundations program. Between visits I stay in touch to continue supporting you and your family, problem solve any obstacles, answer questions and adapt your program, if needed. 


Each Foundation Module is

  • Designed to reduce family stress and disharmony

  • Provide the health and wellness information necessary for your family

  • Personalised to suit the dynamics of each family

  • Delivered from the convenience of your own home

  • Designed to ensure you only pay for what your family needs

  • Implements simple effective strategies that make a real difference

Family Time
Herbal Medicine

Wholesome Gut-Immune Restoration Programs


The potent nutrigenomic activity of G.E.M.M along with recommended diet & lifestyle has multi-body system benefits, cellular function and defense, detoxification, inflammation, infection, allergy/intolerances, behaviour, mood...


  • Wholesome Foundations diet and lifestyle program

  • Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation (G.E.M.M) evidence-based nutraceuticals & functional food formulation protocols

  • Customised dietary/food plans, supporting the programs phases 

  • Lifestyle and Wellness guide

  • Recipes tailored for you

Ongoing weekly contact and support

VIP access to all wholesome effect products, G.E.M.M supplements, future workshops and events

All access to The Wholesome Community


What is Nutrigenomics

The term ‘nutrigenomics’ was coined in 2004 and can be best understood when explained as “food talking to your genes”. The foods we eat send signals to our DNA. The food choices we make determines whether we activate genes that promote good health – or genes that promote disease. As such, the science of Nutrigenomics is a guiding principle that underpins everything we do (Cell-logic 2023)

What is Nutrigenomics

The term ‘nutrigenomics’ was coined in 2004 and can be best understood when explained as “food talking to your genes”. The foods we eat send signals to our DNA. The food choices we make determines whether we activate genes that promote good health – or genes that promote disease. As such, the science of Nutrigenomics is a guiding principle that underpins everything we do (Cell-logic 2023)

First Aid Consultations


Short consultations


Homeopathic prescription

(Delivery available*)

Natural home remedies

Ongoing phone support until recovery (when necessary)

*Conditions apply

Homeopathic First Aid Kits are available to all Wholesome Community members

Wellness Products

Parent & Caregiver Community event

Something special for parents and caregivers. You are not alone. Come along and join the wholesome supportive community. A space of understanding and compassion. Regular fortnightly meet-ups include tea, coffee, morning tea and varying workshops, guest speakers, restorative therapies and friendly chats.

Upcoming addition - Free child minding for young children

The Wholesome Foundations 

Package information

Wholesome Pantry and Household Products


Take a deep dive into your pantry and fridge, cookware and appliances, household cleaners and beauty products in your home. Learn about the various ingredients and compounds that may negatively impact your familiues health. Discover healthy alternatives with strategies tailored to your family.

Food and Nutritional Education

Lets remove the stress and confusion about the right food choices for your family, as I provide you with the resources and information right for your family. This may include diet and meal planning, simple recipes, tips for fussy eaters, recommended functional & medicinal foods, wholefoods and how to use them, how to prepare a balanced meal, time saving food preparation and economical meals, healthy snacks, tips to improve hydration, nutritional value and more

Sleep Hygiene and Nightly Rituals

Discover solutions and personalised strategies for peaceful nights and quality down time.  A well rested family is a happy and productive family. The importance of sleep can easily be overlooked, especially amongst busy parents negatively impacting our mood, immune health and lifestyle choices.  Poor sleeping habits is also a significant factor in children behaviour, attention and emotional regulation. 

Movement, Breath and Nature

Discover evidence-based practices that improve both the behaviour, mood and attention of children but also the mood, resilience and overall health of the parents. Simple movement, breathing practices and green spaces prove effective life long emotional regulatory tools for children, significantly reducing tantrums, melt downs and aggressive outbursts.

Cooking skills and Lunchboxes

We get hands on in the kitchen to create simple family recipes and healthy snacks. Learn kitchen time saving methods, easy batch cooking, easy to create lunchbox recipes and ideas. I love getting the kids involved in this session. They are wonderful and enthusiastic kitchen helpers, which also improves the likelihood of trying new foods and incorporating healthier food choices.

Routine, Structures and Integration

Customised routines and structures to suit your family and support successful integration of heathy diet and lifestyle practices. Structures remove family conflict, household stress and improve children behaviour, reduces their anxiety and supports healthy habits and lifelong skillsets. Depending on your child and family will determine how to successfully develop and execute daily rountines.

Natural Family First Aid

Feel empowered to help and support your family though sickness, pain and injuries. Learn how to treat common ailments and injuries using safe natural products. Prepare you and your family with incredible syrups, elixirs  and gummies for the cold and flu season. Learn how to apply first aid homeopathy and use essential oils therapeutically

Household Ecology and Natural cleaning

Reduce the toxic burden on your household and environment for a cleaner  healthier living space for your family

Wholefood cooking skills

Learn modern day healthy cooking skills and recipes. There seems to be a plethora of exotic foods and new exciting health foods on the market. However you're probably asking yourself what am I actually supposed to do with it? and How do I even pronounce it? Yep! This has been me plenty of times. Lets get comfortable with new foods and make them tasty!

Special requests

I can include any other relevant health goals or topics, natural healing education, food/cooking proccess into your personalised package. Each is tailored to your need, including any special requests

  • Pre-natal nutrition 

  • Baby-led weaning

  • Specific/Therapuetic diets

  • Gut healing protocols

  • Sensory diets

  • Elimination diets

  • Cooking workshops

  • Vegetarian/Vegan

  • Natural Immune support 

  • Other

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."


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